About me


The past twenty years have been a personal and professional rollercoaster for Mark Muczka and a process of finding himself. He set out on a journey in search of inner clarity. At the start of this difficult journey and you could say at the start of his career, he had an idea about what he wanted and what that should be. Only today however is he able to say with inner conviction that things are clear and that he knows what he wants. The inner chaos which reigned inside him has calmed down, allowing him to align all of his focus and energy in the right direction. “In the past, I wanted to make money, have a family and in general establish good relationships and today I have that and I know how that is created and how it works.” As far as business is concerned, Mark had to undergo two stages: the first brought with it financial difficulties and falling into debt the second was finding a way out of this situation. Both stages were useful and important for his personal development. “I had to pass through these stages in order to achieve the greatest understanding.”

Today, he understands his environment and the people around him because he understands himself more and more. He understands which things are important in life and which are unimportant. He likes getting to know new places and the way different people think. He sees the knowledge and stories which he gains while doing so and which he has experienced over the whole of his life as inspiration and as a lesson to share with others, not only at his lectures, but also in his personal life.

“It is not perfectionism, but development and progress which are important”


Mark Muczka has been holding seminars, training courses and lectures on various topics and with various specialisations for 20 years now. During these events, he has had the opportunity to speak with tens of thousands of people, thanks to whom he has experienced various situations. It is important to have experiences and useful information and it is precisely these things that Mark Muczka attempts to communicate to people at his lectures.

“We live in a time of great and epoch-making changes. Why must we find time today to think about whether we should change something?”

A very important topic for Mark Muczka these days is the Key to inner balance and the path to self-knowledge. We are subjected to an information overload these days. The everyday bustle, these rushed times, work-related stress and pressure and the high expectations around us take effect on us from all sides. We feel overworked and overloaded with ideas from this. We are so saturated with information from outside that we are not left with a single moment to think about ourselves, about whether that thing we are chasing after makes sense for us. In the rushed world of today, it is more than ever before important to stop, take a breath and to think whether we are going in the right direction.

Marketing and business are other topics which Mark Muczka lectures about. Using his insight from the world of business, he shows not only how it works and how it is done, but also why it is done. How to establish value, demand, a team, a career, success or motivation? The decision to change an errant way of life and to subordinate your inner energy to new goals is certainly not an easy thing. But where there is a vision, there is also a way forward. Only actions which we perform in the present point us in the direction of a better future. Actions really are the true force behind every change.


What is the motivational factor for Mark Muczka?

Above all to create and to meet people. Thanks to interaction with people on a daily basis, he gains experiences both positive and negative. Each and every experience is important, but he learns most from those negative ones and applies this insight into his personal life.

“In the hectic times of today, a state of happiness and inner calm is important for each and every one of us. The more people achieve a state like this, the more likely it is that the whole of our society will move to the next level. I don’t want to be a role model for people, but an example or the fact that it is possible – I trust and believe in change.”


Mark Muczka has established a brand – the AuroGenio Art agency which is becoming ever more famous in the world of art and together with it, also the artist Joe Muczka jr. which the agency represents. The agency specialises in establishment of brands, so-called brand building for artists. Its history does however reach all the way back to 1996 when Mark Muczka started popularising the name of the artist Joe Muczka jr. The year 2010 is linked with creation of the AuroGenio agency which shifted the borders of conventional ideas about art to a new level and set out on the path of a modern concept with the aim of taking this joint creation to a new – international – level. The agency thus built on the success achieved relating to presentation of the name of this artist who is world famous today and its future ambition is to take other talented artists kissed by the muse of painting under its wing.

AuroGenio Art is taking an unconventional path and establishing its brand in a complex manner with the aid of nine important sectors which offer premium products or services tailored to suit the client’s requirements.


Mark Muczka’s philosophy is based on intelligence. This concerns a complex interconnection of the heart, the brain, intuition and intellect. He is attempting to understand the ego, which is closely intertwined with intellect. He relies more and more on intuition and uses emotion more. It is important to feel emotions, just as it is important to understand and know how to work with them. The greatest problem of this day and age is that we are constantly searching for something. It is logical that while searching, we want to find something, but it can easily happen that we remain in this state of searching forever. Everyone already has everything inside of them. There is no need to look outside. All you have to do is to stop looking, open the door and enjoy your journey.