• What is what makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful people? And how can we apply it in general to the public / to each of us?
  • High Street University
  • What can we learn about business from the masters Dali, Picasso or Warhol? What was their attitude towards business? Did they understand that art is business?
  • How can you write your own success story?
  • How and when do you become a brand?
  • Sales psychology – why is it important to like changes in business? How to adapt to this accelerated time? Innovation
  • How to understand business
  • How to combine art and products – Art Investment
  • The circle of success, the pattern of success
  • System of work – why do we need a contact list and how to handle it properly? Calling, presentation, motivation, Project TOP 7
  • Team building, assembling a team, collaboration


  • How to make your products unique? How to refine your products and give them added value?
  • How art can strengthen your business
  • ONLINE MARKETING – How to catch the attention of new and existing clients with your products and services in order for them to become promoters of your brand.
  • How you can attract attention (not only that of your clients) and open the door to new target groups with the aid of marketing


  • The Key to Inner Balance
    • Balance
    • The path of knowledge – negative direction, positive direction
    • 3 stages – recognise/accept/release
    • The Onion – the unpleasant program
    • Anchoring – the surroundings as a brake on development
    • Rejection – a misguided focus
    • Life in the present
  • The Key to Inner Balance – The Solution
    • Health
    • Family
    • Relationships
    • Materia
    • Occupation / Mission