Mark Muczka has engaged in investment, business and marketing all of this life. He decided more than twenty years ago to establish and promote the Joe Muczka jr. brand, behind which hides the artistic potential of his brother. And on his journey, he has discovered and continues to discover to this very day undreamt-of options for combination of art and business. Mark Muczka provokes a desire to discover new paths, cross borders and for you to write your very own marketing story.

Topics – Lectures and seminars

Mark Muczka, Art Manager and entrepreneur body and soul, is an expert in business and marketing in the field of art. He started his career on the streets, where he watched his brother and other artists selling their works and gathered important insights. The wealth of experience he gained has served him as a basis enabling him to further improve and develop the art of doing business. In his lectures and seminars, Mark Muczka takes the audience on an exciting visit to the varied and wild world of art and artists.